Making the data center fully programmable is our passion.

The virtualization of compute, network and storage is changing the way data centers are built and applications are deployed within the data center. This change impacts operation of the infrastructure and the architecture of applications.

If you are a service provider building a Cloud for your customers, or a consumer of Cloud services that needs to understand how to migrate existing applications to the Cloud or how to build new applications that can fully leverage the Cloud, we can partner with you to ease the transition.

If you are a vendor selling to service providers you will be confronted with new challenges to adapt your strategy and your products to the rapidly changing environment. Training your technical staff not only to keep up with the changes but also to be ahead of the requirements is a key issue for you.

We help organizations to address these changes. We provide consulting services, training and system integration for open source frameworks like OpenStack, OpenDaylight, Swift or Cephs. We partner with vendors to help them to enter new markets or to compete in existing but changing markets.

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