About Marlysys

Marlysys is a consulting company registered under French law as a "société par actions simplifiée" (SAS), comparable to a limited liability company under US law or limited company under British law. Marlysys operates for its customers on a world wide basis.

The vision of Marlysys is that the data center becomes fully programmable and applications deployed in the data center can use application programming interfaces (API) to control the platform they are running on. This will change the way we build applications and how applications perform in this environment. Just as the Ford Model T was the beginning of a revolution in how goods are manufactured, the programmable data center is the beginning of a new era of IT infrastructure that will enable new business models not previously thought of.

Marlysys focus is helping their customers to transition to this new model by providing technical consultancy services, training technical teams and helping to adapt procedures to the new model. We also help IT vendors to stay ahead in this changing world.

A Message from the Founder

I have spent over 30 years in the ICT industry as a software developer and as a customer focused solution architect and I have been fortunate enough to work for some of the greatest companies such as Apple and Cisco.

Founding Marlysys and driving its vision is combining all that I have learned in the past – software engineering as well as networking and server hardware – to bring it to our customers and to help them achieve success in this new and exciting world of programmable data centers.

Enabled by our employees and backed by our partners we are looking forward to serving you.

Horst Dümcke – Founder and President of Marlysys