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Customers that trust Marlysys:

Excellent teacher who knows his stuff inside and out and who is also capable of conveying his knowledge to others. Rare in our world.

Solutions Architect

Very good, hands-on OpenStack training. Recommended for those that want to understand it and want to speed up the learning time.

Manager, Network Architectures

The most interesting workshop I've ever attended. Provides a nice overview of OpenStack and all potential uses of OpenStack. Goes into each detail and gets you a really great understanding of OpenStack.

Senior Systems Support and Infrastructure Expert

Horst was very helpful during the labs when something went wrong. During the presentation he explained all the details in depth. He always answered questions in time and in an understandable manner.

Solutions Architect

Well-structured workshop providing a holistic view on OpenStack and Cloud automation. From infrastructure concepts and all the way up to virtualization, automation, application stack and overall operation. Great OpenStack starter.

Solutions Architect

This OpenStack training is second to none. It takes you from the absolute beginner to being able to confidentially work with OpenStack clouds. The many areas need to be considered are also discussed in depth during the class.

Solutions Architect

Very good OpenStack overview with lots of helpful labs, presented by an excellent engineer. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn about OpenStack.

Technical Leader

This is the best training course on OpenStack that I can find around the world. It goes into every detail of each component of OpenStack and it is organized in a very systematical way.

Senior Network Engineer

It was a great experience and I would love to have something on similar lines from Horst again.

Network Consulting Engineer

Horst is probably one of the most technical trainers I've seen. He is really passionate of the IT technology and Cloud (OpenStack) in particular. He can go into details which is very important.

Solutions Architect